Defining malicious user !

Malicious users — meaning a rogue employee, Contractor, intern, or other
user who abuses his or her privileges — is a common term in security circles
and in headlines about information breaches. A long-standing statistic states
that insiders carry out 80% of all security breaches. Whether this number
is accurate is still questionable, but based on what I’ve seen and numerous
annual surveys, undoubtedly an insider problem makes up the majority of all
computer breaches.
The issue is not necessarily users “Hacking” internal systems, but rather
users who abuse the computer access privileges they’ve been given. Users
ferret through critical database systems to glean sensitive information,
e-mail confidential client information to the competition or other third parties, or delete sensitive files from servers that they probably didn’t need to
have access to in the first place. There’s also the occasional ignorant insider
whose intent is not malicious but who still causes security problems by
moving, deleting, or corrupting sensitive information.
Malicious users are often ethical hackers’ worst enemies because they know
exactly where to go to get the goods and don’t need to be computer savvy to
compromise sensitive information. These users have the access they need
and the management trusts them without question.

Niaz Khan
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