Why Google Hacks ?

Hacks are generally considered to be “quick-and-dirty
solutions to programming problems or interesting techniques for
getting a task done. But what does this kind of hacking have to
do with Google?
Considering the size of the Google index, there are many times
when you might want to do a particular kind of search but you get
too many results for the search to be useful. O r you may want to
do a search that the current Google interface does not support.
T he idea of Google Hacks is not to give you some exhaustive
manual of how every command in the Google syntax works
(although we do give this more than a fair shake), but rather to
show you some tricks for making the best use of a search, show
off jus t what’s possible when you automate your queries with a
little programming know-how, and shine a light into some of the
overlooked corners of Google’s offerings . In other words , hacks .

T he combination of Google’s myriad services and over four
billion pages of constantly shifting data can do strange things to
your imagination and give you lots of new perspectives on how
best to search. T his book goes beyond the instruction page to
the idea of hacks : tips , tricks , and techniques you can use to
make your Google searching experience more fruitful, more fun,
or (in a couple of cases ) jus t more weird.

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